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Party ratings

We invited eight political parties to respond to a questionnaire asking where they stood on 25 environmental policies, under five broad environmental goals. Our survey provides an independent, non-partisan assessment of political parties' commitment to New Zealand's environment. One party did not respond.

The table below summarises the results with a total score (out of 20) for each party under each of the goals. The overall rating represents the percentage of Vote for the Environment policies that the parties commit to implement.


You can download the survey results and analysis here [PDF]

We have also provided a breakdown of party positions for each of the individual policies here [PDF]

In our analysis we sometimes had to interpret the parties' responses in the light of their comments. These responses and those comments by the political parties are here:

ACT [No reponse was received]
Greens [PDF]
Labour [PDF]
Maori [PDF]
National [PDF]
New Zealand First [PDF]
Progressives [PDF]
United Future [PDF]


How we rated the political parties

We sent survey questionnaires to eight political parties asking whether they would implement the 25 environmental policies, under five broad environmental goals, that we have identified as critical to turn around the decline in New Zealand's environment. Political parties were invited to say "yes" or "no" and were given space to qualify or otherwise comment on their answers.

We rated each response with a score from 0 to 4 according to the degree of commitment each response had to each policy proposal. Zero = 0% level of commitment to policy. Four = 100 % level of commitment to policy.

Unlike other parties, Labour and National refused to make firm commitments and generally didn't answer "yes" or "no." This meant they scored poorly in many areas though we did our best to judge whether their responses qualified as a yes or no or something in between. New Zealand First, United Future and the Maori Party scored better in this survey than we expected given their Parliamentary track record. You can find out about the Parliamentary track records of political parties here.



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